Fly Pattern Recipe Tieback Minnow

Discussion in 'Minnows' started by rick baerg, Feb 26, 2009.

    rick baerg

    rick baerg Administrator Staff Member

    Tieback Minnow


    Hook: TMC 9394 size 6
    Thread: Black Uni 8/0
    Body: Flexi-cord light W/BLK.LINE 1/8
    Tail: Olive mallard flank
    Back: Olive mallard flank
    Head: painted eyes, black over yellow

    bc_speys Active Member

    Re: Tieback Minnow

    Hey Rick, I started tying this pattern on 200R's size 6, and use stick-on eyes then coat the whole works in epoxy. I also leave a few strands of the braid sticking out under the mallard in the tail. As well as olive mallard I use amber, gray and blue mallard. Lastly, to simulate gill flash, I put a few turns of red thread behind the head. I will try to post some pics as I have an order to do for the local shop.

    ArticWolf Well-Known Member

    sorry Rick but ur pic is Not showing..

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