Fly Pattern Recipe The Chum Bach

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    This pattern proved phenomenal this past fall for Chum Salmon on Vancouver Island for me. I'm not sure if it has a name, or not. I've called it all sorts of things "chumdiawl bach", "the chum buster", "that green thing that is about an inch and a half long that drive those chum salmon crazy". Either way, it works, is durable, and that's what matters. Fished with a dead-drift swing on a heavy sinktip proved to be the most productive method of fishing the pattern.

    It's a 1 minute fly that I think anyone who is targeting these fish should definitely have in the fly box. It also works well with a purple polar chenille body (trimmed to half a centimeter fibers).

    Hook: Mustad Circle Streamer #6-8
    Thread: Chartreuse or Orange
    Bead: Orange
    Tail/Beard: Black krystal flash
    Body: Chartreuse crystal Chenille


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    yes ...there you are..and the fly stuck in it's yapper!

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    Now thats what you call a fish, and on a Welsh named fly as well.... Nice one Andy.....

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