Fly Pattern Recipe Rogers' Carey Special

Discussion in 'Damsel Fly' started by Kerry Pitt, Oct 29, 2009.

    Kerry Pitt

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    Rogers' Carey Special

    Most of us know of the Carey's Special and I have used it myself fairly extensively.
    Back about 25 years ago a friend of mine was tying them in this style. I never really used it much, but one day when damsels should have been working and a Carey's Special should have produced, nothing worked and I mean nothing. I had a couple of these stashed in my fly box and when I tied one on and started dropping it in the reed beds where I had been fishing, I caught fish. Lots of them, so it has earned a place in my stillwater box permanently.
    It is simple enough to tie. Basically a 9671 or 9672 Mustad #10 to #8. Tail and collar is ringneck pheasant. The body is olive floss.
    When I wrap floss I keep a small dish of water on my desk. I moisten my fingers and that makes the floss damp so it wraps well and does not fray.
    Fish it with a figure eight retrieve along the grass or reeds.
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    ThaSandman Member

    Re: Rogers' Carey Special

    NIce fly KP

    Now I need to get some more of that pheasant
    rick baerg

    rick baerg Administrator Staff Member

    Re: Rogers' Carey Special

    Nice fly KP, well done!! That is one of those patterns everyone should and in their box!! Thanks for sharing. :)

    johnk Member

    Re: Rogers' Carey Special

    Nice Carey, Kerry! If you want to improve on an already successful pattern, try yellow pheasant and one less turn of the collar. Nice tie!
    Kerry Pitt

    Kerry Pitt Active Member

    Thanks everyone. Hey John, that is not a wrapped collar it is pheasant tail biots tied in and persuaded around the hook shank. That being said I can try yellow. This pattern caught alot of fish on otherwise slow days.

    jollyrogers Member

    Kerry: Today's project , Tie some of these Carey specials the simple patterns that fish like .....and thanks for the tip about moist floss to keep it from fraying..... gotta love the name Too !! ;)

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