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    Rudy New Member

    Hi all,

    I live in Christchurch, NZ. I have been tying "utilitarian" flies since I was a young guy, but a few years ago desired to tie a better-looking fly. I started to get involved in forums and think I've watched all of Davie McPhail's videos. I really enjoy seeing how experienced tiers break a fly down into its parts, and how they put one together so precisely.

    I enjoy fly tying as a hobby in its own right - if I could never fish again, I'd still enjoy tying. Apart from filling boxes to the brim, tying lets me dream of fishing, lets me escape for a little while. I follow a number of blogs, and am involved in a couple of forums. I must say this is a very nice, friendly site.
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    Hans Weilenmann

    Hans Weilenmann Well-Known Member

    Hi Rudy,

    Living in the Low Countries I am exactly 12 hours apart from you, still we share the same passion and get to meet in places like this one to interact with others with similar interests. Pretty neat, huh? :cool:


    Hans W
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    Qfly Fly Tying

    Hi Rudy
    Welcome aboard the wonderful country of New Zealand zdrówko.gif

    Darwin Well-Known Member

    Hi Rudy and welcome to the bug. Beautiful city and country you live in. :D (have not been, only seen pictures)
    Red Fly

    Red Fly Guest

    Welcome M8 they be a friendly bunch in here and like to share there knowledge and friendly banter
    Chris Schumacher

    Chris Schumacher Active Member

    Welcome to the group Rudy! Make yourself at home.
    Joseph Russell

    Joseph Russell Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Rudy welcome aboard

    Garhan Fly Fishing my love and Fly Tying my mistress.

    Welcome aboard.
    Byron Thiel

    Byron Thiel Well-Known Member

    Hi Rudy. I,ve always dreamed of fishing in NZ, but alas will never live long enough. Hopefuly your posts will give some idea of the wonderful fishing there
    colin Danenberger

    colin Danenberger Active Member

    welcome from the usa :) Hi Rudy have a good day man :)

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