Fly Pattern Recipe Hare & Squirrel Czech Nymph-by: Andy Larkin

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    andy.larkin Active Member

    I had the chance to tie on a new (to me) hook today and am very happy with the overall shape they give to a czech nymph. On top of it all, it's a medium wire hook that's strong as all can be, so getting a slim fly while still being able to use 3 layers of flat lead wire/tape is a sinch!

    One thing I've been doing with my non beadhead czech's is tying the thinskin/scud back in via the eye of the hook then securing and counter winding it with the mono rib at the back. It really helps in keeping the head of the fly nice and small and still gives ample security.

    These style of flies are absolute bombs and get to where they need to be very quickly and being able to fish only 1 fly in British Columbia, you need to use every bit of hydrodynamity and weight in your fly pattern you can get, especially at this time of year with high winter/spring water levels.

    Anywho, enough banter. Photo & Recipe below:


    Hares' Ear & Squirrel Czech Nymph

    Hook: Hanak H500BL Size 12
    Thread: Benechhi 12/0 Light Cream (black sharpee for head)
    Weight: 3 layers flat lead wire, tapered.
    Rib 1: 6x Mono
    Rib 2: Mirage Flashabou
    "Shellback": Olive Scudback 1/8"
    Abdomen: Natural "Hare e' Ice Dub"
    Thorax: Dark Brown SLF Spikey Squirrel Dubbing
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    Darwin Well-Known Member

    Nice one Andy ;) really like the Mirage rib.

    Rooster Active Member

    Nice tie......Do you ever add a hot spot on this pattern! It just seems like some tiers have hot spot and some don't!

    andy.larkin Active Member

    Rooster, I do indeed. Fl. Orange Senyo's or Fl. Orange SLF "Enhancer Dubb" is usually what makes it's way into it.

    Rooster Active Member

    It is a really nice fly!
    Dennis Southwick

    Dennis Southwick New Member

    Andy where do you get your Hanak hooks. We had Todd Ohshi out and thats the hooks he was using at the time I really like them. espeacially the wide gap they have. He had given us someone out of Ont. but it fell though after a couple emails, he just didn't respond back.
    It would be nice if there is someone in Western Can.

    Very nice pattern It would sure work here in Alberta.

    Tight Lines Always
    Dennis S. :)

    Kim Active Member

    I REALLY like this tie! Where can you get these hooks in the 'States?

    Qfly Fly Tying

    nice fly yes kiwa.gif

    andy.larkin Active Member

    Contact robinson's outdoors fly shop in Victoria BC. They stock hanaks and also are more than happy to ship. It is around 13$/50 pack and shipping is very affordable!
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    colin Danenberger

    colin Danenberger Active Member

    wow what a nice fly man. i wonder how much those hook's cost in the us? let me know :)

    andy.larkin Active Member

    They may be more in the states as they are distributed/resold via umpqua if I'm not correct?

    Mad_Man_Steve Member


    Mad_Man_Steve Member

    I think it only $8.25 for 25 hooks..

    Kim Active Member

    Hans Weilenmann

    Hans Weilenmann Well-Known Member

    Hi Andy,

    Neat nymph.

    I like the shape of the hook. Would like it even better if it did not have that uplift at the very point... :devil:

    Hans W
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    colin Danenberger

    colin Danenberger Active Member

    i like the fly great job man :)

    Rooster Active Member

    Performance flies is a great resource for hooks and materials.....That is where I ordered my last supply of condoms for the Vladi Worm!

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