Fly Pattern Recipe Doc Spratley

Discussion in 'Attractor's' started by rick baerg, Apr 2, 2009.

    rick baerg

    rick baerg Administrator Staff Member

    Doc Spratley


    Hook: Mustad 9672 - TMC 5263 size 14 to 4
    Tail: Guinea fowl
    Body: Black dubbing or Black wool
    Rib: Silver french tinsel
    Throat: Guinea fowl
    Wing: Brown pheasant tail
    Head: Peacock hurl
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    11th warrior

    11th warrior New Member

    Re: Doc Spratley


    (begins to strip his hooks to start over again)
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    Lake Junkie

    Lake Junkie New Member

    perhaps it's the same as guinea fowl and this is my ignorance shining through but you can substitute it with grizzly hackle to similar effect.

    Best fly ever in my opinion, often the first thing I try at the start of the day though I seem to have better luck with it in the late afternoon/early evening.

    As an after thought, I have noticed that a spratley with seal fur dubbing tends to be more consistently successful than other body materials like phentax and yarns. I attribute this to the fact that seal fur carries little air when its wet and has quite a unique sheen to it.
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    rick baerg

    rick baerg Administrator Staff Member

    Well like I always say, the one rule is, there are no rules!! You could use a feathers from a seagul, if it catches fish, its a good fly! ;)

    I too like seal fur dubbing it more buggy, looks more life like and yes like you say, "carries little air when its wet and has quite a unique sheen to it"
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    Kerry Pitt

    Kerry Pitt Active Member

    And that is why we tie our own. Variations you cannot find commercially are often more effective in some instances. Nice fly by the way, I have had luck with a 1/2 black and 1/2 red body as well as a purple floss body.
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    jollyrogers Member

    The guinea looks good....and grizz hackle would be similar. I think the contrast ( dark/white) makes this Spratley variation stand out more than the pheasant tail -tails....
    will have to add this to my box of D.Spratleys......and mix the body colours as per Kerry Pitt suggests.....thanks !

    Rooster Active Member

    One of the first flies that I had learned how to tie.....Still one of my favorites to fish. Nice tie!:)
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    backcountry Member

    A very time tested pattern everyone should have one in their box
    Byron Thiel

    Byron Thiel Well-Known Member

    Nice to see the old standard patterns being tweaked-nothing wrong with that at all!

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