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    Used a little of Mcphail's imagination and came up with this pattern. What is unique about it is the foam under body. This fly will sit in the surface film and should be able to catch any fish feeding. (I HOPE!!!)


    Hook: Mustad 37160 size 10
    Thread: 3/0 Black monocord
    Underbody: Yellow foam
    Body: Summer Duck Scud Back
    Rib: White ribbon cut to size. This ribbon is on a spool and you have to cut it to the length you want. After cutting you have to strip the long fibers from the short and then tie it in. I forget which video of Mcphail's has this but it is a great technique.
    Wing Pad: Green pheasant rump palmered and pushed to the bottom of the hook and tied down.
    Antennae: Ringneck Pheasant tail fibers
    Head: Brown Darkwater Dubbing
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    Wow that's really a buggy looking fly

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